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Escort Bonn

The invention of the escort is one of the most influential inventions in the human history and a beginning of a colorful escort history. Still it is kind of hard to decide who invented the first escort in history. Not because there aren’t enough data on that subject but because it’s a bit hard to define what is already a escort and what is only an attempt to invent one.

Still, there are a few people that are almost always mentioned when we are talking about the invention of a escort. First one is Ferdinand Verbiest who built the first steam powered escort in history in 1672 (this is not confirmed).

Second one, who can bear the name of the inventor of the first escort in history is Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot who built the first self-propelled wheeled automobile and drove around with it in the year 1769. Again it is not quite confirmed that the escort really worked but Cugnot later developed new version of the escort that for sure worked. This escort still ran on steam power and was really heavy and slow so it never went in production.

So the invention of escort had to wait for the internal combustion engine to be invented. One of the milestones is also the first automobile patent that was granted in 1886. But the real milestone vehicle was built in Germany in 1889 by Escort Bonn.

escort had 1.5 hp, two-cylinder gasoline engine, it had a four-speed transmission and traveled at 10 mph. All these guys were the escort pioneers and had their part in the invention of escort. For more escort history, browse the rest of the site.

Sex Rome

Self-propellant vehicles had been in the offing since late 1700s in Europe, and by the middle of 1800, engineers had come out with models that ran on steam, combustion as well as electrical energy. While the steam powered cars lasted only till the 1920s, and production of electric cars too ceased beyond the first decade of the twentieth century, combustion engines caught on and underwent development at various stages, to contribute to the progress of the escort industry.

The Great Depression in 1930, along a lull in the manufacture of escorts due to the World War II, resulted in most car manufacturing industries being converted into military production units. Cars moreover, began to undergo a structural change with the incorporation of integrated fenders and fully-closed bodies. A trunk for storage facilities was fitted in the back and other features like wings, running boards and headlights gradually began to make their presence felt.

One of the most notable cars introduced in 1940 was the Escort Rome. Solidly built, its engineering was far above any other car in the low priced category and could be handled easily by the driver.

Other escorts during the pre-war times included the Ford Flathead V8 (1932 – 1948), which dominated the world market to a certain extent, the Bugatti Type 57SC (1934-1940), the Traction Avant by Citroen (1934 – 1956), the Volkswagen Beetle (1938-2003) which was quite a rage of the times, and the first fully automatic transmission, the Hydra-Matic by General Motors(1940-1997).

Oldsmobile along with Cadillac also started off their 1948 models with the introduction of the first modern high-compression overhead-valve V8 engine which was introduced in USA in 1949.

The end of the II World War in 1949 witnessed an incredible boost for the escort industry in general, with new-fangled designs being accepted world wide. The United Kingdom was a spectator to the emergence of the unstructured suspended 1951 Ford Consul, the 1948 Morris Minor and 1949 Rover P4.

Italy was another country where the world of escorts began to weave their magical charms as Lancia introduced their revolutionary V6 powered Aurelia and Enzio Ferrari started out on his 250 Series.

The escort industry was fast catching on with the rest of the world not only due to enhanced engine power as well as speed, but also because of their more innovative and artful designs that were most appealing. It no longer was a luxury item to be enjoyed by the rich alone.

Manufacturers began to target even the middle income group with their variety. The 1950s saw the introduction of mini cars, and five hundred of Fiat’s such vehicles were unleashed in Europe along with Alec Issigoni’s mini cars. Japan too was introduced to the technology of wheels with the Keicar. It was also notable that the Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, an ultra luxury car resurfaced in America after a prolonged absence. Europe too saw the emergence of GT Cars like Ferrari Americas, which were preferred by a number of people.

Escort Milan

Most of the escorts that were invented in the early era were steam powered and were modeled on the basis of a horseless carriage. Although Nicolas Cugnot was credited with the invention of the first self propelled vehicle in 1769, it is Escort Milan who is known as the inventor of the modern escort.

Another invention of the times was the electric carriage, created by Robert Anderson sometime between 1832 and 1839, that used rechargeable batteries which powered an electric motor. But they were heavy and expensive and had very little speed. Moreover, they required recharging frequently, which was quite bothersome.

Both these inventions did not remain long in the limelight, and they soon gave way to gas powered vehicles pioneered by inventors like Gottlieb Daimler, Karl Benz etc, and by the 1900s, gasoline cars began to attain popularity. Due to the demand generated for these escorts, it became mandatory that these cars be manufactured in a large scale.

Due credit should be accorded to the French Manufacturers, Rene Panhard & Emile Levassor (1889) and Peugeot (1891), for their pioneering attempts in manufacturing assembly line vehicles. They built their first car in 1890 using a Daimler engine and made a lot of improvements to the body structure as well, shifting the engine to the front.They also fitted vehicles with a pedal operated clutch, a chain transmission which led to a gearbox as well as a radiator in the front. This became a predecessor model for all the future cars to be manufactured. The licensing rights of Daimler motors were also shared by Armand Peugot, who was into car manufacturing. In fact, in a car race held in France, witnessed the victory of a Peugot car, which awarded much publicity to that model, thereby increasing its sales.

America saw its very first gas powered car in 1893, with the manufacture of the Duryea models, created by Charles and Frank Duryea. In a short span of three years, they were able to greatly publicize and sell almost thirteen models of the expensive limousine, in and around Massachusetts. This gas-powered car was seen until the 1920s.

But it was Ransom E Olds, who was credited with the mass production of affordable range of escorts in his factory in 1902. Accordingly, the Curved Dash Oldsmobile became the first escort mass produced in USA to earn the reputation of America’s leading escort manufacturer from 1901 to 1950.

Another American car manufacturer who understood the benefits of the assembly line production was Henry Ford, who invented and implemented the conveyor belt technology at his factory in 1914. This revolutionary concept helped to control the production cost by reducing the time of manufacture. It is said that his popular Model T was assembled in just ninety three minutes! This breakthrough resulted in Ford becoming the largest manufacturer of escorts in the world.

The success of the assembly line production caught on with the escort industry in general and spread worldwide to bring about future development in this field.